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Pedestrian & Bicycle
Crossing of I-270 @ MD 28
City of Rockville, MD

IFB Project No. 20-06
Maryland SHA
Contract No. MO6745125
Approx. $4.2 Million

About 0.75 miles long,
connects Darnestown Rd
and Fallsgrove
Community at the west
with Nelson Street and
Adclare Rd to the east
and the Town Center and
downtown Rockville.
The proposed shared use
path is up to 10 feet in
width, with the proposed
bridges to span I-270 and
Ramp 'C'.
Environmental impacts
are minimal, and
improvements to the
existing SHA SWM facility
at Ramp 'C', enhanced.
The project includes a
Pedestrian and Bike
Crossing along MD-28
over Ramp 'C' (Bridge
No. M-R18):
Continuous steel l-girder
bridge with a lenght of
about 800 feet with an
out-to-out width of 12';
And a Pedestrian and
Bike Crossing along
MD-28 over I-270
(Bridge No. M-R19):
Two span continuous
steel l-girder bridge will
have a lenght of 296 feet
with an out-to-out width
of 12'-4".
The project also includes:
Approximately 2,200' of
asphalt bike trail;
Maintenance of Traffic;
Storm water management
and water quality
enhancement for facility
at Ramp 'C';
and Utility adjustments.
Crossing Over
I-270 @ MD 28
Pessoa Construction Company
G e n e r a l   C o n t r a c t o r
Project Manager
Scott Taylor

Luis Tadeo